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New Tesla Cybertruck Video

New Tesla Cybertruck Video
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Tesla’s new Cybertruck is supposed to help breathe life into a pickup segment that has been dominated by established carmakers for years. But the company’s commitment to push technological boundaries may be its own undoing.

The stainless-steel “exoskeleton” that covers the Cybertruck makes it look nothing like a traditional truck. That’s not to say it’s ugly, but some experts have panned it as a niche product with limited appeal.

1. Leaked Video

A new video shows the Tesla Cybertruck on what appears to be a production line. The video, which surfaced on YouTube, is supposedly a leaked clip from Tesla.

The clip reveals the cab’s infotainment screen and what looks to be a rear-view camera view. There’s also a secondary screen for rear passengers, which is interesting considering that Tesla’s angular Cybertruck design has been controversial from the beginning. During its unveiling, Tesla’s design chief Franz von Holzhausen embarrassingly tried to prove the truck’s polarizing “shatterproof” armor glass was actually indestructible by throwing heavy metal balls at it from close range.

The narrator in the video says that the team had been using the vehicle on a cross-country trip that took them through terrain that included “Baja desert, sandy wash, mountains, rock ridges and forests with giant cactus.” This is probably one of the first times we’ve seen a production-ready Cybertruck in the wild. Tesla recently pushed back the launch of the unusual truck to late 2022, and has announced that reservation holders will be able to attend a Cybertruck delivery event later this year.

2. Leaked Photos

Since the unveiling of Cybertruck in 2019, many fans have been keeping up with its progress through leaked photos and videos from within Tesla factories. These images have been one of the main ways that fans have been able to stay in-the-know regarding the truck’s development as Tesla has pushed back its initial production timing three times since then.

A recent leak from Gigafactory Texas shows what appears to be Cybertruck body-in-whites. Some details stand out, including the ginormous windshield and a massive wiper that looks to have a single blade meant to swipe across the entire windshield in one sweep.

Considering that Tesla has a lot riding on its polarizing entry into the pickup market, it’s not surprising that the company would want to plug these leaks as much as possible. While small-scale production of the truck will start this year, larger deliveries won’t be available until 2024. That means that the company will have plenty of time to fine-tune the production process and ensure that its first EV pickup is up to the task of competing with Ford and Rivian vehicles when it hits lots in 2023.

3. Leaked Text

Anyone with $100 can reserve a Cybertruck by signing up on Tesla’s website. The company will ask them to confirm their interest closer to the start of production, which is expected in late 2023.

The Cybertruck is a big deal for the company, as it will finally enter the pickup truck market, one of the most profitable segments in the US auto industry. But the project has faced several delays, which have ratcheted up the pressure on Musk as he struggles to keep up with demand for electric vehicles.

One of the biggest hurdles for the project has been overcoming manufacturing issues. The angular design of the vehicle is hard to manufacture, and it’s easy for even slight variations in dimensions to show up. To counter this problem, the company has sent an email to employees warning that anyone caught taking photos or videos of the Cybertruck or its components will be escorted off site and subjected to an investigation.

4.Cybertruck Leaked Video

In a video that surfaced today, the Tesla Cybertruck appears to be on a shop floor. The two people examining the vehicle seem to be a part of the team that is working on it.

The Cybertruck is a Tesla-designed electric pickup that is the company’s first foray into the truck market. The company originally introduced it in 2019 and promised production would start this year. It has since pushed back the timeline three times.

Tesla has also been spotted testing the vehicle on several occasions. It has a minimalist interior, and the single motor model is expected to offer 250 miles of range on a full charge. Upgrade to the dual-motor model, and that range will be upped to 300 miles. Tesla’s CEO recently claimed that demand for the Cybertruck is “off the hook,” although he didn’t provide any details on what he meant by that. Production of the truck is still a few months away, though.



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